Mining Excavator R 9100

The R 9100 follows the Liebherr design philosophy of maximizing the machines performance by improving the efficiency of all individual subsystems. Engineered for optimum serviceability, the machine is designed to ensure maximum uptime. The R 9100’s modern cab creates a comfortable working environment ensuring peak operator performance, every shift. Available in two configurations, backhoe or face shovel, the R 9100 offers the flexibility to perform in any application.

Operating Weight with Backhoe Attachment
108.500 kg
Operating Weight with Shovel Attachment
112.500 kg
Engine Output
565 kW / 757 HP
Bucket Capacity @ 1,8 t/m³
7,00 m³
Shovel Capacity @ 1,8 t/m³
7,00 m³
Engineered for Intense Mining

Designed for the best mechanical force distribution, the production-tailored attachment delivers high digging and lifting forces. Integrating Liebherr-made cylinders and a wide range of mining optimized buckets, the R 9100’s attachment ensures the highest forces, easy bucket penetration and high fill factor to perform even in the most demanding conditions resulting in:

  • Fast Cycle Time - Through the unique Liebherr energy management system and intelligent overall machine design, parasitic system losses are minimised.
  • More Uptime - The well thought out machine layout allows for fast maintenance and repair work combine with increased component lives improves machine availability.
  • Maximum Efficiency - Dynamic cooling system technology & priority management minimizes energy losses which results in more energy available for digging and a reduction in fuel consumption.
Optimized for maximum Profitability

More than 50 years of hydraulic excavator design and manufacturing experience is the basis for the R 9100’s outstanding reliability. The machine combines innovative technologies, design optimization and Liebherr components. Customers can expect durable performance from the R 9100 throughout the machine’s life.

  • Low Fuel Burn – The combination of efficient engine management (e.g. true power on demand & automatic idle control) and variable operating modes (e.g. Eco-Mode) result in a lower fuel burn.
  • Life Cycle Costs – Liebherr designed and built components result in a lower acquisition and lower Owning & Operating Costs for the machine.
  • More features are fitted as standard; class leading standard features include automatic shutdown, travel alarm, wide catwalks, air suspended seat, rear and side vision camera.