Wheel Loader L 580

The L 580’s hydrostatic travel gear, a unique feature in its class, cuts fuel consumption by as much as 25 percent compared to wheel loaders with a conventional drive train. Assuming that working conditions are identical, this can save up to five liters of fuel per hour of operation, yet operating efficiency is in fact even higher. This level of efficiency reduces the burden on the environment, since in every 1,000-hour period of operation, emissions of CO₂are reduced by as much as 15 tonnes. Comfort and safety of the L 580 also comply with Liebherr’s high quality standards. The continuously variable drive train, for instance, permits the wheel loader to accelerate without noticeable gear shifts or interruptions to the power flow, and with Liebherr’s well-proven single-lever control principle all travel and working functions can be controlled accurately, safely and without operator fatigue.

Tipping load, articulated
17,390 kg
Bucket capacity
6.5 m³ (light material bucket with bolt on cutting edge)
Operating weight
24,960 kg
Engine output
209 kW; 284 HP/PS/CH
Tyre size
26.5R25 L3
Travel speed
0 - 40 km/h